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Rasika Jain, DDS

As a dentist or more than 20 years, I believe in treating each patient as unique. My team and I are committed to Complete Health Dentistry—your dental health and how your overall health affects your mouth and vice versa. For example, how conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure affect your dental health. For patients with health concerns I work closely with your physicians to make sure care is provided in a safe manner.  I believe that dental health is a team effort between the patient and the dentist and that we need to have open communication in order to achieve good oral wellness. I always ask the patient what they want to achieve and I want to make sure that treatment fits into their lifestyle. We treat the person not just the mouth. My favorite part of my practice is seeing my patients grow with us from kids into teens to college bound kids and come back to us with their families.

I started as a general dentist in 1994 and over the years have updated my education and obtained certificates in cosmetic dentistry, implants and orthodontics including Invisalign. My favorite part of dentistry is creating beautiful smiles.

I love creating beautiful smiles. It gives me and my team great joy to see someone’s eyes light up when they see their new and improved smile. We have been told many times that it elevates confidence and changes lives. I have a passion for helping animals. I belong to Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. It brings me a lot of joy in placing an abandoned dog with a loving family. The love of life are my two dogs. Hobbies include reading and hiking (with the pups).


  • Improving the health of your smile and your overall health.
  • We are committed to your complete health dentistry.
  • Assist you with your dental goals.
  • Help kids with their dental needs in a comfortable and positive manner so they grow up without dental anxiety.
  • Alleviate dental anxiety in our adult patients.
  • We have been a part of San Marcos –Escondido community since 2000. Our patients are our family.
  • Creating a family atmosphere for our patients.


“To assist our patients in improving the health and aesthetics of their smiles, thus improving the quality of life.”

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