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Restore your Smile

Find out more about how we can help you restore your smile all over again with porcelain veneers

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Dental Implants

Discover more about dental implants, benefits, procedures and what result to expect

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Smile Design

Designing A Beautiful Smile. So how is it done? How do Cosmetic Dentist “design” your smile?.

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Financing Options

We accept almost all dental insurance, however call us please to confirm your individual dental plan.

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Personal Warmth
Individualized Dentistry

Whether you want a brighter smile, need relief from jaw pain, or require a root canal, we offer a variety of services to fit your unique request. Each of our dentists has advanced training in various aspects of dentistry so that you can receive thorough dental care that positively influences your entire body. Systemic dental care is about treatments and prevention that not only affect your oral health but your total health and wellbeing.

First-Time Patients

At Smiles of San Marcos Dentistry, we seek to make our patients’ first visit the beginning of a long-lasting relationship of quality care and trust. Schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Rasika Jain for your first visit to Smiles of San Marcos Dentistry. Your dental examination will help us become familiar with your unique situation and better understand how to make you feel comfortable. Please arrive for your appointment 15 minutes early so that our friendly staff can assist you with filling out new patient forms and collecting other documentation.
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Empower your Knowledge

Explore this website for more information about our San Marcos dental practice. You can learn about the services we provide, assess your risk for diabetes, gum disease, and dental implants with our checklist, read about our systemic oral health philosophy, and get to know our team. When you understand your oral health, you will be prepared to make informed decisions about treatments and preventive services. This power will help create an optimal outcome for your dental health and your whole health.